My Thoughts on Fashion Blogging

For the past several years, I have become more and more interested in fashion and style. I know, it’s so typical for a college girl to be interested in these areas, and in experimenting with her own wardrobe. For me, personal style is being confident in your clothing and being able to create a cool, effortless look with ordinary, every day garments. It isn’t about being trendy; it isn’t about wearing expensive, luxurious items that only the luckiest girls can afford. It is about walking down the street and turning heads, making people want to have your ability to make the rattiest tee shirt into something cool.

Style is innate. You are born with style, and if you have it, you will always have it. Style is picking up five random pieces of clothing, and looking amazing. Style is confidence, creativity, intelligence, vision…

I started reading fashion blogs about three years ago. I found myself browsing through images and inspiration every day, drooling over the bloggers’ jewelry, wishing I was an Upper East Side Socialite. I was drawn to the level of high fashion that these bloggers oozed. It took some time before the magic wore off. I began to see that the clothing that formerly made me cry over my own closet wasn’t accessible or cool at all. Wearing Vena Cava, Proenza Schouler, and Cartier doesn’t give you style. Wearing those brands just makes you rich.

And it isn’t just the bloggers. It’s many people who work in the industry. These aren’t regular people, because regular people can’t afford $7,000 Cartier Love bracelets. It’s the regular people, the ones who are forced to get creative at a thrift shop because they can’t afford anything else, that are the real style icons. Wearing a men’s flannel, a vintage tee shirt and ripped jeans is my idea of really, really cool. And wearing head-to-toe Marc Jacobs is not.

This is not to say that I don’t admire the major designers and their devoted followers. Coco Chanel is an icon in my mind, I still love many of these high-end blogs, and anything Hermes makes my heart skip a beat. But what Coco Chanel taught the fashion world was the beauty in simplicity, the talent in creating an outfit out of almost nothing. I feel that her message is forgotten in the frenzy of platform, tweed Karl Lagerfeld-Chanel sneakers. We need to push back on what the fashion world has become. Because “street style,” fashion weeks and the big names are nothing but phonies. Because even the most fashionable models can’t afford everything. They are placed in their “iconic” outfits as a form of branding.

This may be long-winded, but my point is this: no one should ever feel unfashionable or self-conscious for not being able to afford that perfect Isabel Marant dress. Being confident in what you can afford, and making something out of what you have, will take you farther than wearing Tory Burch every darn day.

So this is why I am trying my hand at fashion blogging.  And I’m sticking with the basics: just me, my inspiration, my ideas.

The way you carry yourself is everything, even if you’re wearing a garbage bag.


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