you know what they say…

New year, new you.  I have quite a few resolutions this year, the main one being to get in shape and be more active.  I’ve already started targeting this resolution, and made a game plan to stay motivated.  While it’s definitely hard to forge new habits, here are some ways I’m getting started:

1. Make a killer playlist you can’t get stoked to workout unless you have something upbeat and fun to listen to

2. Get some new workout gear – new clothes always make you feel good and this certainly applies to workout clothes and shoes

3. Make a plan – to get back into running, I’ve started the “C25K” (Couch to 5K) program, a free app that helps you train for a 5K – interval training (alternating between walking and running) is a better way to burn calories and build stamina

4. Set a goal – with spring break exactly 2 months away, my goal is to feel better in a bathing suit and tone my body – setting a timeline with a realistic goal and a foreseeable end date can be very helpful and motivating

17741f4602ba9dc8aa1e906a64589c83 tumblr_n3uk1s7vZT1qa5npgo1_1280 tumblr_ngl76qoNlB1tqm6qto1_1280 tumblr_nfb075lmbh1sxza5lo1_1280 tumblr_nhkn895CmY1s90n2jo1_500bambilace66 10661026_1595286584017143_1388915108_n 6ce47052c41c4215fe0a4250f0e8dab9

+ images from tumblr, pinterest, and various blogs

+ by the way – although it is easy to look at pictures of girls in bikinis and say wow, I would do anything to look like that, you (and I) must remember that it is about feeling good in your own skin, not wishing you were in someone else’s.  i look at these images only to inspire me to get active and do what’s right for my own body.


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