crumbs for thought

like food for thought, but not as dignified…

Have you seen the movie Obvious Child?  Well, spoiler alert.  The movie is about a girl named Donna, played by Jenny Slate.  Donna mistakenly gets pregnant and decides to have an abortion.  The movie is essentially about the events that lead up to, and right after, her abortion.  Long story short, at one point in the movie, she says “and after [the abortion], I’ll be in my future.”

This idea really struck me.  The idea that, not only will we get through whatever is standing in our way, but before we know it, this bad thing will be over and we will be in our future.

Sometimes I think about this when I have a stomach ache, or am some way in pain.  I think to myself: if I can just get through these few minutes (or hours or days, as the case may be), all of this pain will be gone.  Or, if I can just go to sleep tonight, tomorrow I will feel better and everything will be anew.

I don’t know, I guess it’s an obvious idea, that yeah, some day some time everything will be better.  But maybe not everyone is able to think that.  There are certainly some times when we think, this pain is never going to go away and my future is never going to get here.  And while it’s always easier to give advice than take it, we all have to remember that at some point, even if it seems very very very far away, the future is going to get here.


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