thoughts on: consumption

Where does this need for consumption come from?  Why does it feel like we need everything everything everything?  My mom hates blogs for this very reason; we see these people and we want to be like them and we want to have what they have and we want to purchase what they purchase.  We feel like we need what they have (and by we I totally mean I)…

I like to think I’m a simple person with simple pleasures.  It doesn’t take much to make me happy.  A used book that I’ve been hoping to find, a pretty photograph, a small handmade dish for rings and coins.  But then I look around my room and the amount of excess that I see is haunting.  Do I really need another pair of jeans? NO. Do I really need another flannel? NO.  I may want these things, but there is a huge difference between want and need.  And I would like to focus a little more on the need side of things.

So today, I have a plan.  First, I’m going to dust off my camera (my real camera, not my phone) and take some pictures of the snow.  Then, I’m going to do my laundry.  And then, I’m going to go through every inch of my bedroom and throw away/donate all of the things that I really don’t need.  Because, I find, that once I see how much I don’t need, I don’t really want those things anymore.  See how that works?


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