the british [read: spanish] are coming!

ok, ok, they’re already here.  let me set the scene.  late at night, i sat in my bed, style stalking.  it’s something that i do to get myself to go to sleep which is stupid because it just gets me hyped up.  somehow, i found myself on, the blog of gala gonzalez. gala is a spanish model, blogger, dj, socialite, designer, and like a million other amazing things currently living in london.  i’m deeply saddened that i am only just now finding her blog, especially since she started it in 2007.  that is EIGHT years ago people.  i’m a fraud. 13673442455_f1824fef34_b 14435119904_04d40088d9_b 12651686883_fc7c4a0eed_b 13845383294_c9fb935ec5_b11047217494_d6f05b73ca_c 11913674046_db17d1d6ee_c 11387226394_b1388996f3_c 10579705646_38e1bb3bc6_c 10442872735_d4b4425c1a_c 8681278798_5acc9a91e6_z 8226277543_b916c52133_c8396391128_86491a3e9c_z15445035625_53752b54e3_o 15765869742_bc3f26c78a_b main.original.585x0 16237160245_4019903e64_oi’m crying.  all images from


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