8704385538_d8e9c0bbe7_c 8a6bfc3fcffa38453da080c8e9028b61 IMG_0153OrchidGrey_zps23d14b2cOrchidGreyJanuary193_zps9cd697a8 The+Locals+in+New+York IMG_6738 4c70d9d1af65e2017618b130eed5b353 tumblr_inline_nj4q1yWOGb1qezpw2 9e3fcb206bc39e72ce3facc206308b88 481493671007490767_dbd14baaffe9 292a9f8bdde682fdf96edb1613df3fac swoon-gucci-soho-leather-disco-bag-L-xacqhg tee2-21 beaut6s110852653_1522036254716228_1200198862_n_zpsd606b495i’m feeling kind of stagnant.  i don’t know.  maybe it’s the weather?  i just want to get in a car and drive somewhere.  or get on a bus.  or a train.  i want to be in motion, i want to explore, i want to see new things.  i want to get out of my teensy apartment and move around freely.  i can’t do that here.  not with this snow piling down on me and the stress of the future and my list of to-do’s.  i want to take pictures and go for long walks and talk to people and learn new things.

i think that’s why i love to put together these lists of images. it gets me out of this time and place, and more specifically, out of my own head (which is a very difficult task, let me tell you).  i guess that’s the magic of the internet, eh?

side note: that last picture is from a blog called Orchid Grey.  i kinda really want to frame it.  would that be creepy?

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