the beauty of beauty organization

since interning in the makeup industry this summer, i have become obsessed with makeup blogs and videos. admittedly i’m not much of a makeup person, but there’s something i love about watching tutorials and seeing how other women do their makeup and what products they swear by.  there’s something so beautiful about seeing all those bottles and jars organized in pretty dishes or arranged on a vanity.  my favorite beauty blogs are vivianna does makeup, into the gloss, lily pebbles, and the coveteur’s beauty section.  i definitely check these daily.

925325_1429817087308190_1835699627_n-613x613annie-kreighbaum-top-shelf-1-613x408Quentin-Jones-25-728x466 Chelsea_Leyland_Two-22-1 frances-malcolm-1-613x613 f890cce6af1a8de0c80ed719dccb0d81 c92fa9a0fe7e1a0cd1275556e5fa998a tumblr_n79pfmMuSl1qh24n6o1_1280 Dior_Beauty_Caroline_Issa-5


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