pre-travel tips

i’m going away this weekend and i am soooo excited.  i get myself ready to go in a somewhat specific way that seems to work for me, so i thought i would share it with all of you.  i mentioned some travel tips here, but i thought i would really get into it.  and kind of more for my sake than yours…

step 1:

make a pre-journey purchase list.  is there any thing you need to pick up to get you through the trip?  toiletries?  snacks?  underwear?  a toothbrush?  no judgment here.

step 2: 

make another list, this time a packing list.  write down what you think you want to bring and what possible outfits you might wear.  let’s be honest, the packing never goes according to the list, but it’s nice to map it out anyway. also figure out what you’re packing in your carry-on.  now that’s a list i always stick to.

step 3:

laundry.  can you even going on a trip with dirty clothes?  that sounds unpleasant.

step 4:

clean.  i always find it helpful to clean up my room before packing.  that way you can spread everything on your floor or bed, and find everything you need.  it may not be as neat when you leave, but at least you tidied at some point, right?

step 5: 

pack!  suitcase and carry-on.  i always like to be packed and ready the night before, but i know some people do it right before traveling.  whatever floats your boat, train, plane, or automobile.  if you’re taking a plane, make sure your liquids are in a separate plastic bag and easy to retrieve.

step 6:

get dressed for the journey.  when traveling in the winter, i like to be cozy, but presentable.  this is usually along the lines of comfortable jeans, a tee shirt, a sweatshirt or sweater or flannel, and a cozy scarf.  remember that it is probably going to be freezing or unbearably hot, so dressing in layers can be very helpful.

if you’ve done all this, you’re probably ready to go!  just don’t forget your tickets…

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all images from bldg25 and pinterest


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