a good lookin’ friday

i’m sooooo fortunate to not have class on fridays, and as a result, friday’s are my absolute favorite day. while the world is hard at work, including my roommate, i’m free to roam as i please without too many people around me.  tomorrow i have a particularly relaxing me-day planned, so here’s what my non-schedule is looking like:

8am: wake up, have a cup of coffee, catch up on blog reading

9am: yoga

10:30am: finish yoga, grab breakfast at my favorite neighborhood bakery/coffee shop

11am: eat, more blog reading, shower

12pm: errands including: post office, jewelry repair shop, return/exchange a jacket at j.crew, look for a graduation dress at madewell, wander around sephora (it’s my happy place…)

2pm-ish: come home, make some lunch, do some reading (currently reading I Tell You Know: Autobiographical Essays by Native American Writers, available here)

and that’s all i’ve got so far.  it’s looking like a pretty rad day if i do say so myself.  to me, the simplest days when i can pay attention to myself and my body and my mind are the most rejuvenating.  i hope you have a wonderful day as well.

tumblr_n2oosoYazV1soxzypo1_500 tumblr_mqxcmpepIF1qzq9uzo1_500

images from tumblr


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