thoughts on: college graduation

i must admit that i never thought this day would come.  when you’re in grade school and high school, it always seems like there are so many more years of school ahead of you.  like you are never going to be free of tests and essays and assignments and pop quizzes.  and then suddenly, you’re moving into your freshman dorm room and you gain a lot of the freedom you were craving years before.  and just as suddenly, you’re moving out of your apartment and you’re walking up to the stage to get your diploma.

i have been incredibly blessed in my life.  to go to the college of my choosing and be able to have such an incredible time reminds me just how fortunate i am.  i would not change my college experiences for the world, even the times that were tough and scary and disappointing.  while i’m excited to start the rest of my life and leave homework and annoying teachers behind, i’m scared and i’m sad.  i still feel like a 17 year old, dying to get out of class to go for a drive or meet my friends at starbucks.  it seems these days only fly by faster than the ones before, but i’m ready for the challenge of the real world.  i’m ready to start my life and figure out just what that life is going to look like.  it’s going to be hard, but i think i just might be prepared.  (she says as she asks her dad for $10 for a bag of coffee!)

congratulations to all you 2015 grads! 


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