blog spotlight: uo blog

very similar to the free people blog, bldg25, is the urban outfitters blog, or uo blog.  free people and urban outfitters are owned by the same parent company, urbn inc., which also owns anthropologie, bhldn, and terrain. while the two blogs have some similarities, the material on uo is more music and interview focused.  the imagery is just as good as bldg25 and i am always losing track of time as i peruse uo’s pages. Dane_peterson_img028 Dane_peterson_DP_CA14-11992-copy Dane_peterson_DP_CA13-4274 copyffbfc0c4-e4cc-47b7-81eb-b2354df4f9b0 cc2c1f21-5114-490f-892a-8bc52de31ec6 150425_UOWeek04_Look08_040 1 Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 5.15.41 PM beauty_leore-2DP_CA13-2480Dane_peterson_084508


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