i bought a lot of things that i really didn’t need

(but i really, really wanted)

IMG_2686 IMG_2702

i promise these lipsticks aren’t the exact same shades, but admittedly they are very similar.  i’ve had my eyes on these three (kinda sexy, mehr, and faux) for soooo long and finally decided to bite the bullet.  kinda sexy (far left) is a warm, pinky rose with a hint of an orange tone with a matte finish.  mehr (center) is a cool toned, kind of dirty rose with a matte finish.  faux (far right) is a soft mauve with a satin finish.  ok ok ok, they’re all variations of a pinky rose.  whooooops.  i’m not ashamed.

and now for the exciting stuff!  i’m over the moon to own two of the charlotte tilbury eyes to mesmerize cream shadows.  i got the shades jean, a champagne with a hint of pink, and marie antoinette, a soft golden brown.  i haven’t worn them yet, but just swatched on my hand i can tell how creamy, pigmented, smooth, and long lasting they are.  i’m thinking about purchasing mona lisa next, but that is really, really unnecessary.

+my images, please credit if taking.


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