blog spotlight: cocochic

i have been watching stephanie toms on youtube for a while, but admittedly it took me a while to get into her blog.  her most recent posts are all about blogging and making your blog popular etc., which isn’t quite what i was hoping for.  however, after scrolling through her archives i realized just how much i love her style, photography, and blissfully quirky personality.  she’s amazing! 5+things+to+ask+yourself+before+you+publish+a+blog+post How+to+style+Caterpillar+bootsCity+Hotspots+with+Bank+Fashion My+favourite+autumn+outfit Jack+Wills+Belles+&+Whistles+Collection static1.squarespace UK+Fashion+and+Beauty+Blogger+Cocochic How+to+edit+blog+pictures+easily UK+Fashion+Blogger+Camel+Coat+Outfit Fashion+Blogger+ProblemsHow+to+triple+blog+traffic+more+followers Blogging+tips+PR+and+working+with+brands Homeware+haul Timberland+Regent+st


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