day one

i feel like i’m always starting a new health plan.  i have these grand ideas of healthy eating and living, drinking lots of water, and exercising daily.  it rarely happens, and never for more than a week or two.  but as i grow older, the importance i place upon healthy living grows with me.  i went for my first run today in a little while and it felt amazing.  i run around all day at work, but it’s not the same as actually dedicating 30 minutes to an hour just to exercise my body.  it was tough to get going and i’m definitely out of shape, but i felt like i was doing something wonderful for myself.  and that cold shower i took afterwards?  that was the best part.

i’m no fitness or diet guru, let’s get that straight right now.  i eat candy like a machine, i love an ice cold coke, and bread is probably my main food group.  but i really would like to change these habits.  so here are some things i’m going to try to incorporate into my life.  because what better time to improve your physical health than the summer time?

1. run 3 times a week

2. start practicing yoga again, 1-2 times per week

3. water over any other beverage!

4. incorporate more fruits and vegetables

5. cut back on sugar

these seem like tall orders as i’m writing them down, especially as i’m plowing through a bag of candy at this very moment, but i’m going to try my best to nourish my body and mind in a healthier way.  i’m realizing more and more that my body is my vehicle, and without a healthy body, i can’t have a healthy life.  so here’s to day one!  and guess what – i just threw away that bag of candy.


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