blog spotlight: slufoot

i recently happened upon slufoot, a tumblr run by a girl in california.  needless to say i’ve been scrolling through her pages for most of the morning.  most of the images she posts are very mellow and vintage in effect.  i love how curated the blog is, even though none of the images are her own.  i definitely recommend checking it out, and expect to see a lot of inspiration via slufoot on this little blog from now on. tumblr_nlsl7no31d1t2qqtho1_1280tumblr_nteieh5RpN1ravbodo1_1280 tumblr_nl6wj38TnH1sxknbno1_1280 tumblr_njdhtqwwpv1r05jkho1_1280-1 tumblr_mbidco4sE51r42qk4o1_1280 tumblr_maxruho5m91qg1faio1_1280 tumblr_n7oydc4pNI1qe31lco1_r1_500 tumblr_nt3kj3VCZz1ravbodo1_1280 tumblr_nt3kw1Erfa1ravbodo1_1280 tumblr_ntbf4syTRj1ravbodo1_1280 tumblr_lzvk62r8i61qd3478o1_500 tumblr_n9y5z4lYIX1qd4d7jo1_1280tumblr_nt7j4jIyDh1ravbodo1_1280 tumblr_nsw9yzn5TC1up1f6oo1_1280 tumblr_nsxvgnHA2Z1qzleu4o1_1280 tumblr_nszt8wAW8i1ravbodo1_1280tumblr_nsz9ulxmBD1rsuch2o1_500 tumblr_nsistu5EEI1tkd7edo1_1280 tumblr_nsx24d4H7D1ql3qddo1_1280tumblr_nsukuteAAR1qbsfxio1_1280tumblr_nsvpc9NiW11ravbodo1_1280tumblr_ntrdv0nQP01ravbodo1_1280 tumblr_ntsesd1yya1qdsqp6o1_500 tumblr_nrvefpfHEg1r0na0so1_1280 tumblr_ntid59e6391qe9n3bo1_1280 tumblr_ntmgz0Fg7J1ravbodo1_500


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