back from the big city

i just back from a few days in new york and it was yet another whirlwind weekend.  it seems like i’m never in new york for a long enough time, but i guess that’s what happens when life and jobs are in the mix. needless to say i did some shopping while i was there…here’s what i picked up:


topshop nail polish in blue rinse, boy next door, and parma violet – these choices were definitely influenced by my favorite british beauty bloggers, including vivianna does makeup, essie button, and lily pebbles.  i’ve had a list of british beauty products that i wanted to check out for a while because of these ladies, so i was super excited when i happened to walk by a topshop while wandering around the city (topshop beauty products are hard to find in the us).  you can bet i went straight to their beauty department.  check out these posts to understand why i purchased these colors: 1, 2, 3, 4.

i currently have blue rinse on my nails and i have to say i’m really impressed.  i was worried because the first coat went on streaky, but the second coat made everything perfect.  these are really nice polishes and from the reviews i’ve read they last a pretty long time.  the color is gorgeous – it’s kind of in between essie bikini so teeny and lapiz of luxury.  loving it!

topshop lip ombre in baffle – the trick here is to use both of the shades to create an ombre lip look.  that’s not really my style, but i really like these shades, the formula, and the application.  and it’s so handy to have two lip colors in one little pot!  vivianna does makeup reviews the lip ombre here.

topshop lip and cheek smudge in wilderness – this shade is similar to my favorite nars matte lip pencil in damned.  the smudging brush on the other end of the color is perfect, especially because i like my lips to look stained and worn in when i’m wearing a bold color – sort of like you were just making out with someone ;).

maybelline lash sensational mascara in very black – i’ve had my eye on this mascara after reading that it’s a great dupe for the benefit roller lash.  it’s not my favorite mascara ever but i do like it.  i think it definitely opens my eyes and makes my lashes look more curled as is advertised.  it’s a little bit clumpy, but i like the brush and the length it provides.


madewell high riser skinny skinny jean in dusty wash – i was very excited to pick up these jeans after drooling over them online. the madewell high riser jeans are one of my favorite jean styles – my sister and i probably have every pair in the collection between the two of us. they are just the perfect fit – high rise, flattering, comfortable, perfect length, and actually feel like jeans, not leggings. i love grey jeans in the fall and winter because they add a little extra element to an outfit, and look great with black or plaid.

madewell ryder cardigan in heather fog – i’m always on the hunt for the perfect oversized, long cardigan. this one is exactly what i was looking for. it looks great over tee shirts and plaid shirts and sweaters alike, is perfectly slouchy and baggy, and hits at a nice place on the thigh. it’s also crazy soft and i know i’m going to throw this over everything, including pajamas. i’m probably (read: definitely) going to get another color.


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