16 favorite feelings

IMG_3361inspired by claire marshall

  1. being surrounded by my family
  2. long drives with good (loud) music
  3. the minutes before falling asleep
  4. that can’t-put-this-book-down feeling
  5. knowing all the words to a song
  6. a beer + the beach + those people
  7. that kind of kiss that you never want to end
  8. holding hands (with anyone)
  9. early mornings with hot coffee + good blogs
  10. the sense of accomplishment after a good run or yoga session
  11. naked dance parties + empty houses
  12. the first cold day of the fall/winter
  13. laughing to tears
  14. leaving work after a long day
  15. jumping in the ocean
  16. being able to witness a beautiful sunset

+my image, please credit if taking


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