be quiet + listen

tumblr_nx2ui6Xum41rv0zruo1_500 tumblr_nx2t4z7QPk1rv0zruo1_500 tumblr_nx2vruWgZX1rv0zruo1_500 Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 8.19.58 PMtumblr_nwzke508L51tucbz9o1_1280tumblr_nx3ewr7WQ91rlm74eo1_500 IMG_3264-1 d39fa9aba92faecb93c6b2f97c7a09c9 tumblr_nx3hmd4WpW1rnhgwio1_540 tumblr_nx2jkt9uvK1rivnsyo1_540 tumblr_nwww4iaYj21shc1wyo1_540

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4 thoughts on “be quiet + listen”

      1. You miss so much if you’re constantly talking. I use to listen to reply. I now listen with my heart and truly listen to people and what they have to say. It’s extremely hard to find that these days.

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