thoughts on: coffee


what is it about coffee?  it is so much more than just a beverage.  for me, coffee evokes memories of my grandfather, who drank his coffee blacker than black and loved even the crappiest of cups.  it makes me think of my dad, who drinks coffee like it’s water.  it makes me think of cold mornings and warm mugs, snuggling with my mom and watching the today show.  it makes me think of dog walks and iced coffee runs in new york, of running to cvs for k cups in boston.

coffee makes me think of meeting new friends and catching up with old ones.  of frank sinatra and brazil.  kona coffee shops in hawaii.  starbucks cards that you can never seem to find.  making cappucinos for customers that just won’t leave you alone.  of 2.25 for hot and 3.50 for iced.  “two iced coffees!”

for me, a cup of coffee is like a cup of memories.  hot or cold, regular or decaf, hazelnut or french vanilla.  we are a culture of coffee drinkers.  no matter where you go, no matter the language, no matter the style, coffee in some form is on the menu.  we join each other over coffee and we move forward together, highly caffeinated and yet still exhausted.

my image, please credit if taking.


2 thoughts on “thoughts on: coffee”

  1. Totally agree with coffee! It reminds me of mornings as a child before my parents divorce. Sitting at the table with both of them trying to understand their Spanish conversation!! It’s why I love coffee so much, it brings me to a happy place.


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