thoughts on: heading back

IMG_3940all good things come to an end…at least for a little while.  so i’m heading home to the midwest, until the spring.  it’s not that i’m not excited but…ok i guess i’m not that excited.  i love my hometown and i can’t wait to have christmas there with my family.  but after that?  what’s left for me?

times change, people move on, both literally and figuratively.  and returning to the place of so many memories is always bittersweet.  sometimes i feel like i’m suffocating.  like i know what i want my life to look like, and it’s extremely close, but just out of reach.  maybe that’s what happens when you live at home but are ready to move forward…maybe that’s what happens when you grow up.

but i’m going to make the most of this three month work hiatus.  i have goals.  i’m going to finally do my calligraphy work.  i’m going to get in shape.  i’m going to save money.  i’m going to see friends and enjoy myself and visit a few places.  i’m going to be with my family.  i’m going to do whatever i can to help my mom and dad.  i’m going to cuddle with my sisters.  i’m going to drink hot coffee on early mornings snuggled up on the couch.  i’m going to take pictures.  i’m going to go to the mall and see movies and go for walks and do all those things that you do in middle america and that make middle america so great.  so yeah, i guess it’s going to be pretty okay.

+my image, please credit if taking.


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