favorite of the day: a movie

image-e1378490412147.jpglast night i was browsing netflix when i happened upon “drinking buddies.”  i rarely watch movies all in one sitting – i usually get bored or fall asleep.  but this guy kept me up!  anyways…

this movie was sooooo rad.  basically, it’s the story of two best friends working together at a brewery in chicago and the relationship they have with each other and their significant others.  olivia wilde in it was so real and cool and down to earth.  no part of the movie was scripted – the actors only knew the general direction of the story.  it just feels so fucking real.

also, the actors all chose their own names and one of the first things i noticed was that all of the names are one syllable (kate, luke, chris, jill, dave).  to me, this really added to the reality of the film.  they’re all just normal people and we are watching a little bit of their lives play out.

“that’s the problem with heartbreak, to you, it’s like an atomic bomb and to the world it’s just really cliche, because in the end we all have the same experience” – kate // olivia wilde

image found on google, via thecinemamonster.com – this poster doesn’t do jake johnson justice cause he has an amazing beard in this just fyi


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