thoughts on: reflection

sitting on the den floor, drinking gatorade, and keeping track of three dogs appears to be my new year’s eve plan.  yep, i’m sick.  i tearfully and reluctantly watched my family leave me a little bit earlier – truth be told i thought they were being mean to me, hence the tears.  except for that trusted oldest sister, who’s always on my side (also the only one who reads my blog!).  but i quickly settled in for a sex and the city marathon and the aforementioned gatorade and now here we are.

if i’m honest, i’m not huge into new year’s – it never ends up being very fun or different than any other night – but i do find it’s kind of impossible not to reflect on the previous year as it comes to a close.  so really, what happened to me this year?

// i continued working on handling my anxiety, and i think i’ve made great strides

// i went through all of my belongings and got rid of most of the crap i was holding on to and that was holding me back (part of the above process)

// i graduated college

// i spent the summer with my favorite people in my favorite place, working hard, making new friends and getting closer to old ones, and truly having the time of my life

// i got a big girl job!

// i strove to worry less and enjoy myself more

// i feel like i became one year closer to “finding myself” and i know myself a little bit better than i did last year

// i kept working on this blog and have become really proud of it.  it’s a really relaxing and enjoyable project for me and i’m so happy that you all seem to enjoy the fruits of my labor

well, that’s pretty much it.  of course, there have been some downers this year as well as all these pretty cool accomplishments, but that’s life and i will gladly take the lows if i can get some highs along with them.  i hope you all have a fun, safe, and not-so-typical new year’s eve and are feeling better than i am!  catch ya in the new year.


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