i am a child of the moon.  i come alive when everyone else goes to sleep.  it’s when i think, when i understand, when i grow.  i dream, but i’m still awake.  i envision what my world could be, i make plans, i make commitments to myself.  a late night, cozy in bed or going for a drive, i come alive.

i am a child of the sun.  hot coffee on an early morning stirs my soul.  morning light shines, making everything it touches glow brighter and stronger.  the dreams of the night before become realities, or not.  the day begins as a clean slate, endless possibilities stretch before me and all i have to do is pick one.

i am a child of the morning and the night.  i treasure the extremes.  at night, i long for the early morning light.  in the early morning light, i long for the silence of a sleeping house.  i am alone with my mind, i am buzzing along with my thoughts, i am dreaming with my eyes wide open.


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