favorite of the day: “love yourself”

let me preface this by saying i do not like justin bieber.  he’s a really good example of why fame ruins people, especially young people.  frankly his behavior is gross and he doesn’t deserve all the attention he gets.  however, he does have a beautiful voice.  the song “love yourself” is an amazing showcase of this.  i was surprised when i heard it because it really is insightful and hits home that point that sometimes people just aren’t who we thought they were.  sometimes we really are better off by ourselves.

it’s very clear that ed sheeran co-wrote this song with bieber.  it has some of the characteristics that i have come to associate with sheeran – especially the fact that the song really relies on bieber’s voice and talent, and there’s nothing blocking us from his sound.  the overall tone is very sheeran, which i love, and really showcases bieber’s talent.

the simplicity of the song is mirrored in the music video.  the dancers tell a story through their actions and movement.  i was really impressed by the imagery and the quality of the video.  the song translated very well into this format.

i hate to admit it, but “love yourself” really is a beautiful track.  it’s soulful and inspiring; soft-spoken, but also with hint of positivity.


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