days in the desert

IMG_3358.jpgi’m off for a little r&r in the desert and who doesn’t love a good packing post?!  i’ve also previously posted about my pre-travel tips and travel essentials if you’re interested.

in the suitcase //

free people phoenix tees – navy and white

madewell jean jacket – ellery wash

jeans – black and regular

denim cutoffs – old levi’s and old american eagle

easy dresses – anthropologie, gap, urban outfitters

favorite shoes – birks (do yourself a favor and get the soft footbed version), vans, and another nicer pair i haven’t chosen yet

in the plane bag //

bag – baggu leather tote in navy (color no longer available)


noise canceling headphones

book – ham on rye

makeup bag – see below, baggu bag

liquids bag – featuring the ever sexy essentials – moisturizer, face wash, acne spot treatment

sunglasses – ray-ban round metal


notebook and pens

jewelry – old urban outfitters pouch

in the makeup bag //

i’m putting up a special “makeup for a minimalist” post on this, so keep your eyes peeled. basically it’s this with a few other things thrown in for fun

> my image, please credit if taking.


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