saying goodbye to a drugstore favorite

IMG_2648.JPGonce upon a time a few weeks ago, i naively went to walgreen’s to get my favorite mascara, the covergirl lash exact length mascara (i’ve mentioned it a bunch of times on the site).  i headed to the covergirl aisle.  i saw the colorful tubes.  there was no yellow one.  there was no lash exact length.

i got back in my car.  i drove to cvs.  i repeated the above.  i drove to another walgreen’s.  alas.  it’s gone.

i got home and did some research.  it has in fact been discontinued and is, quite literally, gone.  so i did 2 things.  first, i did the reasonable (read: unreasonable) thing of ordering a couple backups on amazon.  then, because i knew that someday these precious backups would tragically run out, i tried to find a dupe, drugstore or otherwise.

turns out, there are very few mascaras that have a similar brush to the lash blast length.  like just the one that you will read about shortly.  i searched lengthening mascaras, tinting mascaras, best mascaras, but found nothing of interest.  then, i decided to look at all the mascaras that sephora has to offer in hopes of spotting something similar, and i did!  the winner hails from dolce&gabanna – which really is a bummer cause that means it is price-aaaaay – and is essentially the same mascara.  do you know how lucky you guys are that i did so much research and solved this problem for all of you?  you’re welcome.

but seriously, my new d&g mascara is pretty rad.  i decided that because this one is more readily available (albeit only online), i would continue with the d&g and save my covergirls for the really special moments when nothing else will do.  it seems weird to have to buy a high end dupe for a drugstore product, but no complaints as long as i have some form of my most favorite mascara.

the end.


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