take it easy

tumblr_nwoiz4UOOF1rp9c65o1_1280.jpgit’s ok to not be satisfied with right now.  it’s ok if not every detail of your life, your job, your bedroom is how you want it.  that’s the point of dreams.  that’s the point of someday.

it’s ok to talk to your ex-boyfriend if you see something that reminds you of him.  it’s ok to miss a friendship that ended.  it’s ok to understand your mistakes and regret them. that’s the point of mistakes.  you get to learn from them.

it’s ok to have love.  it’s ok to show it.

it’s ok to believe and hope and pray that one day, everything will be how you want it.

maybe it will be.

maybe it won’t be.

but maybe you can manifest that shit.

<image via badways tumblr, words via my brain>

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