february picks

IMG_4076-1 (1).jpg

old faithfuls //

body shop hemp hand protector – so hard for me to find so i’m glad i have a big tube

bonnie bracelets – pretty much always on my person, as evidenced my their weird shapes

fossil crossbody bag – going strong for 3+ years, similar

citizens of humanity rockets in crispy wash – i’m extremely afraid that these are no longer available, similar

mac paint pot in groundwork – makes me look like a grungy druggy, what’s not to love?

fashion week roundups – woah do i love fashion month.  the documentation on collage vintage is too good to be true.

new favorites //

vans suede moc sneakers in black – so good.  i slipped in some dr scholl’s pads cause i’m an old woman.

baggu small flat pouch in pine – perfect little wallet pouch, upgrade from my falconwright pouch which is getting a little ew-ie.  i can’t find the green for you but i like the other ones too.

glossier balm dotcomcoconut balm dotcom – the best!  the coconut scent is full on but you get used to it.

caudalie makeup removing cleansing water – great eye/lip makeup remover and can also be used to cleanse the face (i don’t do this but you know about my skin situation). UPDATE: after finishing this and being without for a bit, i believe this is the culprit for my extremely irritated eyes.  it could be a mix of my acne medications as well, but sensitive skinners be warned!

opi nail envy matte – i love the original but this has a natural finish when you wear it alone on the nails (i hate what clear polish looks like).  not a true matte but extremely natural.


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