since i’ve been gone

i love going out of town, not checking my daily blogs, and then coming home to a ton of reading to do and videos to watch.  i’m currently hunkered down with a big cup of coffee, catching up, so this is a roundup of all the inspiring stuff i missed this week.  also, since this is quite a long post, i was really specific with credits, so don’t forget to check those out below!1458160609.jpg1458420168.jpg1457878086.jpg1458248131.jpg1458311625.jpgFashion-Me-Now-Smells-Like-Home_-687x916.jpgFashion-Me-Now-Walking-on-Mars_-8-687x1031.jpgrainhair.jpgskirts2.jpgsun9-1-e1457817284301.jpgPFW-Paris_Fashion_Week_Fall_2016-Street_Style-Collage_Vintage-Pernille_Teisbaek-Vetements-Trench-Jeans-Chloe_Bag-2.jpgPFW-Paris_Fashion_Week_Fall_2016-Street_Style-Collage_Vintage-Stella_McCartney-Grey_Coat-.jpgSalvatore_Ferragamo-Edgardo_Osorio_for_Ferragamo_Shoes_Collection-Nude_Dress-Dot_Sandals-Outfit-Collage_Vintage-26.jpgPFW-Paris_Fashion_Week_Fall_2016-Street_Style-Collage_Vintage-Miroslava_Duma-Camel-2.jpgtumblr_o42d09eXDH1ravbodo1_1280.jpgtumblr_o45b3lpec01ravbodo1_1280.jpgtumblr_o45f9kufwJ1ravbodo1_1280.jpgtumblr_o403arBQj51rlmfw3o1_1280.jpgchelseajos.jpg

images 1-5: tendances de mode, 6-7: fashion me now, 8-10: free people, 11-14: collage vintage, 15-18: slufoot, 19: urban outfitters



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