let me tell you a story


let’s flashback to the summer of 2014.  i was interning in the beauty industry and just finding out about these things called beauty blogs and youtube channels.  before this internship, i was never really interested in beauty – before you ask, i was interning in public relations – and really didn’t know much about the beauty world.  but as i worked more, i learned more, and i loved more.  ok, now to the point.  all i wanted that summer was the ysl nail polish in bleu celadon.  it was the perfect pastel turquoise – not as chalky as essie mint candy apple, a little more pastel, and it looked like an insanely beautiful formula.  i watched my first beauty love, vivianna does makeup, wear it in videos and i wanted it so bad.  and yet, it was gone.  damn those limited editions for us who are always late to the game!

after searching and searching, i gave up on this beautiful polish.  i accepted the fact that i would never have it.  i searched for dupes, and i tried many similar polishes.  i continued to dream about bleu celadon, but i had accepted the fact that it would never be mine.

ok now fast forward to 2 days ago.  when i wandered into the cutest little cosmetics store i had never been in.  and there.  it.  was.  bleu celadon.  and now it’s mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it’s amazing what an incredibly overpriced nail polish can do for your spirit.


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