march picks

IMG_3537.jpgIMG_3535.jpgsephora bright future serum concealer // shade: parfait

mac paint pots // nothing new here except I GOT PAINTERLY AND I WEAR IT EVERY DAY, as well as my beloved groundwork

glossier coconut balm dotcom // i think i’ve talked about this enough times, my b

no mascara // i mentioned before that i can’t find a mascara i like, so i’ve just been going without it and man is life easier

pf co sandalwood and fig candle // this thing is insanely delicious.  it’s warm, smokey, but not overpowering at all and i’m very sensitive to scents.  plus it looks so cool.  i need more!

sigma f80 flat top kabuki // has totally eclipsed my love for the bobbi brown full coverage face brush and infinitely more affordable!

reading // i can’t stop!  wild by cheryl strayed, almost famous women by megan mayhew bergman, brain on fire by susannah cahalan were my favorites this month

vans slip-ons // a life staple for me, in black perforated leather

youtube // watching chrissstttiiine is basically my happy place

minimizing // i mentioned in this post that i’m getting rid of belongings that i don’t use or no longer like, and i’ve been loving this.  it feels good to give things to people who will actually use them, and i’ve been updating my ebay quite often too.  bring me the $$$$$.

family vacation //  i went away with my parents and sisters last week and it was so nice.  now that everyone is grown up and in relationships, it’s rare that we travel just the five of us, so it was nice to go back in time a little bit



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