all natural, all happy

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when i first started reading beauty blogs and watching videos, i wanted to buy every single product these people were talking about.  no matter how expensive, i wanted it.  and i will say that i did buy more makeup than i ever had before.

however, as i mentioned in this post, i don’t wear a lot of makeup!  so over the past few months, i’ve stopped buying beauty products that i don’t need and will never wear, and i’ve really been focusing on the products that i love and that i really want to use.  in doing so, i have realized that many of my favorite beauty products are all natural.  i’ve been making more of a conscious effort to really research the products that i use and want to use.  i am also only buying cruelty free products, but that is another post entirely!

i entered the realm of all natural beauty a long time ago, but was not as fully interested in it as i am now.  i mentioned my foray into natural products here, and as i get older i really am trying to do what’s best for my body – including what goes into it and what goes on it (that is a really weird sentence, i’m sorry).

ok, long winded intro over, here are some of my favorite all natural products that i have been using and loving for a long time:

weleda lip balm – my favorite.  i have too many tubes of this all over my house.

heritage store rose spray – a solid facial spray at a solid price, nice and simple!  they also have a rose and glycerin version for added skin benefits, aka moisture (can someone remind me to take this out of my car?  even though that’s really a perfect place for it?).

heritage store lavender spray – i use this mainly at bedtime, on my pillows and sheets.

evan healy lavender hydrosoul – not pictured because i left this at home and a new one is in the mail – i didn’t realize how incredible this product was until i was no longer using it.  the amount of moisture, glow, and life it brings back to the skin is incredible.  it smells like absolute poop – seriously i thought mine was rancid – but i guess that’s just because of the uber natural and fresh ingredients?  expensive ($25 for 4 ounces) but i am realizing that i really love this guy.

mountain ocean skin trip coconut moisturizer – just the best body lotion EVER.  seriously, ever.

rms living luminizer – i wasn’t using this as much after summer was over, but i pulled it out again and i don’t know how i went a day without it.  it gives similar results to putting something like the glossier balm dotcom on the cheeks – just a glow that’s coming from you, not from some crazy highlighting powder.

plantfolk apothecary messy hair – my go to salt spray/beach spray/hair product – you guys know i love this.

lavanila sport deodorant – a few months ago, i freaked out about deodorants/antipersperants and their effects on women’s breasts.  after recently dealing with a breast health issue of my own, i went out in search of a deodorant that would be effective but not harmful to my body.  i tried crystal deodorant (not my thing) and tom’s (meh) before trying out the lavanila sport deodorant from sephora.  this is a bummer because it is expensive compared to a drugstore deodorant ($16 for 1.8 ounces), but this really works!  it’s a very generous size tube, smells amazing, and is actually an effective deodorant.  yay!

goldie’s amber coconut leave-in conditioner – i got this last summer and it is the best leave in conditioner i’ve ever used (i haven’t used many but you get it).  it smells absolutely incredible and really really works.  i’m in need of another one soon actually.

kuumba made amber & sandalwood fragrance oil – try as i might, perfume really makes me nauseous.  but i absolutely love sandalwood and really musky, natural, woodsy scents like that.  this fragrance oil is dope.  it lasts forever, offers just a hint of scent (depending on how you apply) and makes me feel so sexy and bohemian and free.  i love this.

pacifica stellar gaze mascara in supernova (black) – this is a newer purchase that i got at my local whole foods a couple months ago.  i mentioned before that i haven’t been able to find a mascara that i like, but i really love this guy!  it’s very natural but can be built up if you want it to be more obvious, plus i feel like it’s actually doing good stuff for my eye lashes.  so on the rare occasion that i’m wearing mascara these days, it’s always this.


also, since i mentioned cruelty-free products, i will go a little more in depth here.  it’s important to note that all natural products are not necessarily cruelty free.  and cruelty free products are not necessarily all natural!  however, the more i research, the more i realize that that are quite a few main stream, popular, and/or high end brands that are cruelty free which is incredible.  and, almost all of the products that i already use are cruelty free.  that being said, i am trying to phase out the ones that are not cruelty free, and find new alternatives (which is really fun!).

it’s important to keep in mind that there are many different levels in the cruelty free world.  while many brands are cruelty free, their parent companies may not be. for example, nars, bare minerals, and buxom are all cruelty free brands.  however, they are owned by the parent company shiseido, which is not cruelty free.  companies that are sold in china, where animal testing is required, cannot be considered cruelty free.  if you’re not sure if something is cruelty free or not, look for the leaping bunny on the packaging or the words “not tested on animals” – many products will tell you if they are cruelty free or not.

for me, i am ok as long as the brand itself is cruelty free, but for many this is still unacceptable. it all depends on your own feelings on this issue.  all i can say is that the more you do your research, the better you feel with your choices and your impact on these issues.  by no means are all the products i use all natural or cruelty free, but as i move forward, i am making my purchases more wisely.


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