catching the sunrise

IMG_4587.JPGIMG_4616.JPGi’m babysitting my boss’s dog for the week, which is requiring some early morning potty runs.  at 6am to be exact.  normally i wouldn’t be thrilled about being yanked out of bed this early, but right now i kinda really don’t mind.  it’s amazing how nice it can be to get outside just after rising, take a walk and warm my bones, and best of all, watch the sunrise.

i am so lucky to live where i do as the sunrises and sunsets are so gorgeous.  and i can see both of them from my kitchen.  but there’s something about being outside in the morning air, watching the world wake up, that is so magical and spiritual and revitalizing.

i don’t know what the day will bring, what tomorrow will look like, or even what i’ll have for dinner.  but i do know that every day, the sun will rise and the sun will set.  and it will bring with it a beauty and a glory that is unparalleled.  i probably won’t continue walking at 6am when my dog duties are over, but i will always know what the sun looks like at 6am on an april morning.


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