may resolutions

as i was reading my bookmarked blogs this morning, i was struck by kate la vie‘s post about her may goals.  i immediately thought about what my own goals for may are, and i thought it was a genius idea to have a few goals for the month, as opposed to resolutions for the whole year that never seem to happen.  so here are mine:

continue with yoga // i was pretty consistent with yoga when i was in college, but fell out of the habit over the past year.  i’ve started attending classes again and i can already feel the difference in my mind and spirit, as well as my body.

continue reading // this sounds so lame, but i really wasn’t reading in college and this year i’ve really been focusing on getting back to my favorite hobby.  reading for me is stress relieving, calming, and relaxing and i can’t get enough.  i want to continue and not fall back into my no-reading habit.

shop less // where i live, online shopping is really the only shopping you can do.  and it is soooooo easy to press that place order button and then feel a wave of guilt for buying things that you didn’t need and didn’t even really want.  so i’m going to try my best to stop doing this…i’ve been pretty good the past few weeks and then yesterday i was on amazon and you know how that goes.  here’s hoping i can find some willpower.

have more fun // it’s way too easy for me to fall into a whole of being alone and not going out and being a hobbit.  but i also so enjoy going out and seeing friends.  so i’m forcing myself to enjoy myself this month.  not to get bogged down with work and other stresses and just have fun.  thankfully one of my best friends is moving back here TOMORROW so i know i’m going to be having lots of fun this month.  date your friends, people.

oh, may.  i’m so excited for you!


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