thoughts on: yoga


i have done yoga on and off for a few years now.  but recently, i started going to a new yoga studio in my town that features warmed yoga (90 degrees).  i’ve always been off-put by bikram yoga, so this temperature is perfect for me.  it really gets you sweating, but not in an overwhelming-it’s so hot-i can’t breathe way.

i have been attending classes at this new studio for weeks now and i can honestly say this is the perfect place for me.  i feel committed to attending classes and besides that, i look forward to going.  i have always enjoyed yoga but went through phases with it, since i didn’t have a studio that i was really content with.  finding this new place to practice has given me that push to really commit.

all that being said, here are the reasons why i love yoga:

>> working my body in a healthy, safe, effective way

>> learning to focus on myself and my spirit, not paying attention to others in class – great lessons for real life

>> emptying my mind/focusing on the task at hand/clearing out the rest of the world

>> taking into my day what i learned on the mat

>> sweating out my stresses and worries

>> really feeling the changes in my body and experiencing them in each class

>> being amongst people that i feel a connection to through the art and practice of yoga

>> feeling more in tune not only with myself and my body, but with the earth

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4 thoughts on “thoughts on: yoga”

  1. I too have started attending yoga at a Hot Yoga studio and really enjoy it. Thanks for posting.


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