another month of madness

and so begins another month!  insert typical “i can’t believe it’s already this month” comment.  but seriously, i can’t believe it’s already june!  bring it on, summer.  as i did for may, i thought i would jot down a couple of my resolutions for the upcoming month.  and as far as may goes, i think i succeeded in accomplishing those goals.  except for the have more fun part…may was kind of a doozy and not very much fun was had.

be nicer to myself // i am really hard on myself.  period.  i am constantly trying to remember to be nice and gentle to myself but, let’s be honest, it’s really hard.  i need to remember that other peoples’ judgments of me are not necessarily accurate, and that i have to be my own biggest advocate.  i know who i am, i know that i am a good person, and i have to support myself.

stay out of the drama // i live in a very small community, and all of my friends work, live, and play in the same place.  i’m working elsewhere now so i already have that space, but it’s really easy to get caught up in the drama.  i like to think i’m not a dramatic person, so i need to stay true to that and just mind my own business.  i no longer want to be part of the he said-she said.  it never ends well and i really get bogged down with everybody’s issues and opinions on each other.

be more positive about work // i’ve been relatively disillusioned with my work this past month, so for june i really want to get out of that negative cycle.  of course i am not 100% happy with my job, but who is?!  if you are, please tell me your secret.  for the foreseeable future, this is where i’m going to be working every day so i need to get rid of the bad attitude and work my tushie off.

continue with yoga // i mentioned this in my may resolutions as well, and i really followed through.  i am loving attending classes so i hope that as work gets busier i am still committed to going as much as i can.  it’s easy to feel tired after work and just want to go home and relax, but i always feel better when i’ve gone to class.

i think june is going to be a good month.  no, scratch that.  i’m going to make june a good month.  and i hope that you do the same.  none of that june gloom business for us!


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