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new discoveries

nars long hot summer palette // i’m not one to really buy into limited edition releases in the beauty world, but when i saw this little palette i could not resist!  the shades are subtle but special and i love every single one (when does that happen with a palette?!).  you do NOT want to miss out on this one.

weleda skinfood // i picked this up at my local health food shop because i love multi-use products and i love the weleda brand (i’m addicted to their lip balm).  i’ve been using this primarily on my eyelids when they feel dry and under my eyes when they’re a little baggy.  it’s a beautiful product and i love the smell – beware, it is a bit medicinal.  after buying, i happened upon this into the gloss article while researching it’s many uses, so that’s pretty cool too.

captain blankenship mermaid salt spray // i picked this up about a month ago after wanting it for so long.  it was definitely worth the wait.  it’s one of the better salt sprays i’ve used – adding a little bit of texture and body and that just-swam-in-the-ocean look.  plus i love the smell – super peppery and fresh.  plus it makes me feel like a mermaid (basically my goal in life).  i’m not sure if i like this better than my plantfolk apothecary messy hair, but they are definitely tied.

a little life by hanya yanagihara // this book is absolutely stunning – stunning in it’s tragedy.  i can’t really synopsize it, at the risk of oversimplifying the plot.  please check it out.

the summer wind by madeleine peyroux // the summer wind (frank sinatra) has always been a favorite song of mine – probably because it is my parents’ song from when they were dating.  madeleine peyroux’s version came on one day while i was at work and i just can’t get enough.  i love how one of my favorite artists reimagined such a classic song that i didn’t think could get any better.  also it came out in 2006 so how have i never heard this before now?!

the messy heads // i recently stumbled upon this blog – i was in some sort of internet time warp so i have no idea how i got to it – and it’s pretty much my favorite blog of the moment.  california cool girls posting about life, love, music, magic…what could be better?  they also have a print edition, so i’m dying to get my hands on that as well.  and the name??  THE NAME!


nars laguna bronzer // every summer when i get a little bit tanner, i bring out nars laguna.  i don’t know why but it is the absolute best summer bronzer.  it enhances your tan while adding a little bit of shimmer and glow, but never looks over the top.  i swear by it!

mac pinch o’ peach // i’ve had this blush for a little while, but didn’t full appreciate it until i, again, got a little bit of tan.  now it is my daily go to.  it’s just the perfect hint of summery flush and it lasts all day.

glossier priming moisturizer // when i first bought the glossier phase 1 kit (probably almost 2 years ago), i wasn’t too thrilled with the priming moisturizer.  it was good, don’t get my wrong, but it wasn’t as good as my go to cetaphil.  when my sister gave me her tube, however, i realized how great a product this is.  i’ve been using it more as a primer after i put on my cetaphil, but also as a moisture refresher if it’s later in the day when i’m putting makeup on.  i like the extra boost it gives and maybe it’s a placebo effect, but i think i look a little juicier with it on!

decor blogs // these are definitely not new reads for me, but this month i’ve been giving them a lot more love than usual.  you have probably seen these credits in my decor dreams posts, so i thought i would give them a shout out here too.  my favorites at the moment are remodelista, lobster & swan, sf girl by bay, and jersey ice cream co (a company often featured on remodelista).

that’s chic youtube // i’ve followed rachel on youtube for quite a while, but her most recent content has gotten me hooked again.  her videos are so dreamy and calming, and i’m totally inspired by her aesthetic and vibe.  some of my favorites are her carmel vlog, her recent q&a, and her apartment tour.

high ponytails // ok this is a weird one.  but for some reason, when my hair is not super long, i hate how it looks in high ponytails – it just looks short.  but now that my hair is pretty long again, i’m loving it tossed up high, but still hanging down quite a bit.  does that even make sense?

// my images, please credit if taking.


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