at the moment

IMG_4149 (1).jpgIMG_4153 (1).jpgIMG_4161.jpgIMG_4164.jpgsome items i’m loving and trying out at the moment // both pretty new and very old

evan healy lavender hydrosoul // i’ve talked about this many a time.  i ran out of my previous bottle at around the same time it went out of stock on the website, so i have been out of it for a while.  it is one of the products that i see results with – my skin is glowier, healthier, and dewier when using it daily

nars hot sand illuminator // i wanted this a while back when it was limited edition, but missed out.  they recently (or maybe not so recently, i’m not sure) brought it out permanently, so i decided to finally try it.  i have mostly been mixing it with my glossier perfecting skin tint for a little bit of extra glow and it works beautifully without being obvious at all.  i’m looking forward to trying it just dabbed onto the cheekbones as well

w3ll people bio correct concealer in light // i picked up a sample of this at follain about two weeks ago when i realized my nars concealer had gotten too light.  it’s a little bit drying but overall i really like it and am going to continue using it until my sample has run out (i think it’s going to last me a very long time – score!)

hourglass ambient lighting blush in dim infusion // i bought this blush last year and it was maybe the first blush i’ve ever tried.  at first i was unimpressed, but was pretty unimpressed with blush in general.  i dug this out a few days ago and have since been loving it.  it’s a subtle peachy flush with a subtle shimmer and it’s pretty perfect

benefit hoola bronzer // probably the first bronzer i ever tried like 7 years ago.  it’s been my staple ever since and no matter what i try, i always go back to this at some point.  this one is a little battered but we’re still going strong

sephora uniform complexion powder brush // i ordered this from sephora when i ordered the nars hot sand.  this is what my sister uses for blush so i thought i would try it out as well.  it applies a subtle amount of color and is soooooo soft.  i like it much better than my elf blush brush which is a bit too dense i’m realizing

my turquoise and ruby (?) rings // two of my absolute favorite rings in my collection.  the ruby looking one is i think the first big gem ring i ever bought, and it has remained a firm favorite since then.  it looks so good with a tan and is such a gorgeous color – it always puts me in a good mood.  i love this smaller turquoise guy because it is one of the only rings i wear on my actual ring finger, and it’s worn pretty much daily

thin gold band // the thinnest of thin rings.  it took me a while to find one this thin but then i found this etsy shop.  it’s so understated and pretty much invisible on my pointer finger, perfect with my chunkier rings

charm necklace // my parents got me this tiffany necklace with the x charm for my 16th birthday.  the lighthouse and shell charms i got when i was 13 and have switched them from necklace to necklace over the years.  this is the first time in a long time that i have worn these charms, but i can’t seem to take them off.  they all have special meaning and are very close to my heart

gold evil eye necklace // i got this last summer when a local designer was having a huuuuge sale.  i like it because it sits a little lower on my chest and is great paired with other necklaces, like my silver one.  plus i love evil eyes!

>> my images, please credit if taking.


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