mfam: natural-looking lashes

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 7.20.40 PM.png

have you missed my makeup for a minimalist series?  me too!

tarte lash curlers // i bought these at sephora last year because they had an offer on them (they still do – click the link), but didn’t really see the point of them so put them away.  a few days ago, for whatever reason, i decided to bring them back out and i am loving them!  i finally see the point of curling your lashes – my lashes look longer and thicker, my eyes are more open, and it’s an easy extra step in my routine.  i think the difference this time around is that i’m using mascara, whereas before i was trying to use them without mascara and then my eyelashes just looked unnatural.

covergirl lashblast volume mascara in black/brown // i’ve mentioned before my struggles to find a mascara i love.  i have been enjoying the pacifica stellar gaze mascara for quite some time, but instead of ordering a new tube i figured i would just go to the drugstore.  i loved the covergirl lashblast length mascara, but have never really tried anything else in the line.  this really is a great mascara!  it’s a bit thickening but not too gloopy – it’s really very natural looking, especially in black/brown which is a very subtle shade.  i like the longer plastic bristles and it’s very easy to apply.  i used to always use plastic wand mascaras, recently switching over to fiber wands for a more natural look, but i’m definitely going back to the other side.

>> my image, please credit if taking.


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