july favorites

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opi nail envy matte // i’ve mentioned this before but i am still loving the matte version of opi’s nail envy.  it looks completely natural on the nails so i feel comfortable wearing it without a color on top, which i never like to do with just clear polish.  it’s been really saving my nails from the damage my work is inflicting upon them!

tarte eyelash curlers // i mentioned these in this post and am still going strong with them.  i definitely feel like they make a difference in how awake i look and i’ve been using them daily this month.

covergirl lash blast volume mascara in black/brown // also mentioned in this post.  great in conjunction with the lash curlers.  lately i feel like it’s been getting a bit clumpy though, so i have been wiping most of the product off on a tissue before applying to my lashes – which only makes it look more natural, which is always preferred for me!

glossier perfecting skin tint in medium // i have been absolutely obsessed with this for the whole summer.  it gives my skin a little boost/makes me look healthy/makes me feel good about my skin and face.  i’ve been using it for the past few days with a damp beauty blender and i think it’s a great tool to use with the tint, but i usually just rub it in with my fingers.

glossier generation g in like // i picked this up when glossier restocked all of their products and i am in love.  it basically matches my lip color, but in a matte and slightly lighter way.  it’s the perfect addition to my very, very basic makeup looks, but i love the extra touch it gives.

glossier milky jelly cleanser // i ignored this cleanser for so long because the name is just…yeah.  i finally caved though when i got the generation g, mostly because i wanted the free shipping and there wasn’t anything else i was dying to try.  i must say, i really like it!  i’m always cautious when trying out new skincare products, but this face wash is beautifully gentle and not drying at all.  i’ve been using it at night to help take off my makeup and i really feel like it’s been great for my skin.  or it’s not doing anything bad to my skin at least ;).

covergirl clean matte powder in 535 medium light // this is a really great setting powder in my perfect summer shade.  since my skin is so cool toned, i struggle with finding summer shades, as cool toned shades become extremely peachy when they get darker (did any of that make sense?).  basically this is perfect for my summer skin and is definitely a new staple.

nars impassioned // i go in and out with blush shades and this is my current favorite.  just a hint of a flush and is a perfect neutral shade all year round.  probably my favorite blush of all time and i’m not the biggest blush person.

nixon leather watch // i love this thing!  i bought it while in search of a leather watch that was oversized, but not too big.  something i could wear every day and not worry about.  and then suddenly, there it was!  plus it adds some edge to the dresses i’ve been wearing when i feel a little too feminine.  highly recommend.  unfortunately i bought it in store so i’m not exactly sure of the name, but it will be linked if i find some details.

dresses // i am not usually a dress person.  however, they have become a daily work staple for me.  there’s something about throwing on a dress and looking completely put together and ready to go that is just so much easier than putting together a full outfit.  plus, they make it feel even better when i get home and throw on my old denim cutoffs.

madewell denim jackets // another work staple.  i have a jean jacket on my person probably 4 out of my 5 work days.  i own 2 madewell jackets as they are my absolute favorite – perfect length, perfect amount of slouch.  i have the ellery wash (distressed) and the pinter wash (true blue denim).  they keep me warm in the air conditioning and are perfect to throw on after work if i’m going out.

french glamour // my sister left a few french glamour magazines at my house early in july, and i have been pouring over them pretty much every day.  the images, the articles are just so much better than those in the american versions.  i studied french in school so i can pick up the gist of the articles, and it’s so fun to practice my french again.

pretty little liars // oh how i love this show.  over the winter i started from the very beginning of the series since i apparently had nothing better to do.  anyways, i must say i’m loving this new season even though the plot is riiiiiiidiculous.

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