the glowy products you need

IMG_4220.jpgIMG_4221.jpgIMG_4234.jpgok you don’t actually need them, but you are going to feel like you do.  by the way, none of these products leave my face feeling like i have a much of creams on it.  they sink in within minutes and stay all day, especially with a little rosewater or hydrosol on top!  you could even dust the littlest bit of powder to set but not take away all the glow – which i definitely do during the summer months.  anyway:

glossier perfecting skin tint // i’ve mentioned it a hundred times, along with everyone else on the internet.  just the perfect skin product, seriously.  it makes my skin look better, makes me feel better.  just perfects the skin the littlest bit while looking 100% natural.  the perfect base even if you have to conceal a lot on top of it.  i apply it either with my hands or a damp beauty blender.  i use the medium shade in the summer.

tata harper very bronzing // the cream bronzer that dreams are made of.  i picked this up on a whim because i was going to purchase the rms buriti bronzer but i’m glad i got this instead!  it’s completely matte and seriously the perfect bronzing shade.  it’s also meant to be used as contour, but i don’t really do that so i just put it the places i would put bronzer.  i apply it with my fingers and then buff it out a little bit with a brush.  i’m totally converted and leaving my powder bronzers in the…dust hehe.

tata harper lip and cheek in very charming // you might remember i bought this on my most recent new york trip.  very charming is a blue-toned pink shade that looks pretty deep when you first put it on but blends out to the perfect little flush of color.  like the very bronzing it is completely matte and blends out easily and beautifully, leaving just a hint of dew.

rms living luminizer // my first and only highlighting product.  the living luminizer is a beautiful icy shimmer that transforms into pure dew and light onto the skin.  very subtle and just makes me feel a little glowier.  tata harper also does a similar product called very luminizing which i might have to try when i finish this one up (or sooner since this pot will probably last me for years).

tell me, what are your glowy skin staples?

>> my image, please credit if taking.



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