rms beloved: a progress report

IMG_5806.JPGday one // woke up still looking perfect.  i had some minor wear on the tips of my nails throughout the day, but i think that can be blamed on all the boxes i was opening and unloading at work.  still fresh and shiny and looking like it did when i first painted!

day two // still shiny and glossy!  successfully withstood a full day at the beach – remained fresh through the salt, sand, and sunscreen.

day three // woke up with 2 baby chips on my left hand middle finger.  they are right at the top though, so they are barely noticeable.  this is the day when i usually start to see a lot of chips and peeling, so fingers crossed!  a little less shiny today and more lived in looking, but still very fresh which is interesting.

end of day three // more significant chips on my middle finger, but the rest look perfect.  i took it off, but mainly because i’m working on something very important at work and can’t afford to get those nail polish scratches on anything!  also i completely forgot to take a picture of my nails before removing so…oops.

the review // i am extremely impressed with this nail polish.  it lasted a regular amount on me, and i’m sure it would last longer on someone who doesn’t work as actively with their hands or wash their hands quite as much as i do.  my nails feel very strong and healthy even after removing the polish and i’m definitely going to reapply soon/check out the other shades.

>> my image, please credit.


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