the lesson

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 7.40.55 PMtoday is a fresh start.  i am taking last night’s new moon and solar eclipse as my sign to start over.  it is the job of my sign to initiate change.

“earthy virgo works the alchemical process in the matters of the physical realm.  the symbology of virgo as the pure virgin separating wheat from chaff applies not only to the fussy mundane details of every day life, but also the broader ritualistic purification of our spiritual life expressed in physical form.  the mantra or intention here is HEAL THYSELF” // viva combusta

as we cross into the month of september, we fully enter virgo season, the harvest season.  we are preparing for a new cycle.  the new moon solar eclipse that occurred this morning coincides with the new month, and we feel the changing of seasons and the leaving behind of something significant.  let it go.  let yourself heal.  that is what the stars are telling us.  everything is aligned to give you a fresh start, and that is magical.

keep what is useful.  lose what isn’t.

>> my image, my words – except quotations.


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