fall resolutions

IMG_3167.JPGIMG_0244.JPGIMG_3146.JPGgive my body what it needs // i have been absolutely terrible about going to yoga this summer.  it has been so hot and sticky out that the last thing i want to do is be in a 90 degree room getting sweatier and stickier.  i’ve been doing some flows by myself but it’s just not the same.  so once the fall weather rolls around, i am recommitting.  i miss what yoga does for my mind, spirit, and body.  i want to be better about what i’m putting into my body and what i’m doing for the outside as well.  i hope to reintroduce running to my daily routine, but honestly this too is reliant on cooler weather.

give my spirit what it needs // i’m keeping the good and letting go of the bad.  i just got the life changing magic of not giving a f*ck by sarah knight and i’m really excited to give it a read.  i know what it’s going to say (stop giving a f*ck), but sometimes it’s more effective to follow the advice your reading than that you give yourself.  i’m cleansing my world and i’m focusing on me.  i touched on this in my recent new moon post if you want to read more.

give my wallet what it needs // i’ve been good about not shopping as frequently, but i feel like so much of my money is still flying out the window.  i’m going to be better about making coffee at home, bringing my lunch to work, and doing more creative things with friends than going out for dinner and drinks.  saving for the future, people!

give my environment what it needs // i’m working on cleaning out my space, passing on items that don’t bring me happiness, and just altogether clearing out the crap.  i’m starting this new season fully fresh, and that includes my environment.  drawers closed, bed made, clothes in the closet…we’ll see if i can keep this up!

this might seem like a bit of daunting list of tasks, but i think these are all the changes that i’m already in the process of making.  maybe “changes” is the wrong word – i’m giving myself what i need to be happy and healthy, and furthering the strides i’ve already been making.  for me, this fall is about focusing on myself and what i need to better myself and my life.  i’m making plans for the future and i’m getting back to the basics of who i am in my heart.

// my images, please credit if using.


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