mfam: cream bronzer edition

IMG_4300.jpgi would say that bronzer is my all time favorite beauty product (category?).  it just makes me feel more alive and awake, and just a light dusting does the trick.  lately, however, i’ve really gotten into cream bronzers, as they add color and dew to the skin, and just add to that healthy effect.  i started off with the tata harper very bronzing, but quickly moved onto the milk and nars stick formulas.IMG_4291.jpgIMG_4288.jpg

tata harper very bronzing // this is the most contour-y of the bunch, but also the most natural.  it’s a matte, medium cream that has relatively neutral undertones.  the pot container makes it a bit of a pain to apply, but i find it best to blend out with fingers instead of a brush.  this has the most sheer application, which is great for a very subtle bronze or contour.

nars matte multiple in altai  // i had been wanting this one for a while, but i believe the matte multiples are currently being reformulated (they are set to return in the new year).  i finally caved and bought one on amazon ($14, linked above), which might be questionable but it smells fine and applies amazing!  altai is a light, warm toned matte bronzer, which is quite opaque but sheers out upon blending (i use an elf blush brush).  you can apply these wet or dry, with wet application offering a sheerer finish, so i am looking forward to testing out that method as well.  this dries down to a powder finish.

milk makeup matte bronzer in baked // this is a pretty standard bronzer shade, on the medium/dark side, featuring an orangey warm undertone.  this has the same opacity as the nars bronzer, but is also a bit more glowy as it remains creamy.  i find it takes a little bit more to blend out than the other two.  i love the size of the product as you don’t have it to apply as much to get the whole area you want to bronze.  this is my newest cream bronzer purchase so i’m still testing it out, but so far this is a great contender.  i will say, however, this is such a bitch to get off!!!!!!

overall, i would say that the nars matte multiple in altai is my favorite of these three cream bronzer options.  it is the one i reach for the most as my summer tan fades away, and i just like the way it looks on my skin.  i think i will also get a lot of use out of the milk makeup bronzer, especially because of the amount of product you get.  the tata harper is my least used due to the hassle of application, but i love the light touch of color it gives.


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