sephora vib sale & other recent buys

while i didn’t need any darn thing in the makeup category, i couldn’t resist making a sneaky order with the sephora vib sale (20% off)!  it’s too tempting.  buuuuut i will say i think i was pretty reserved and only got things that i have been wanting for a while, and did thorough research on for a long time – minus the blush i got.  when i was home a few weeks ago i also stopped into ulta (my happy place) and picked up two items that, again, i’ve been wanting to try for a long time.

ugh.  someone take my wallet away.

sephora // img_4366img_4368nars x sarah moon blush in isadora // this was a very random purchase for me.  it’s a pretty crazy color for my minimalist approach to makeup, but i couldn’t resist when i saw that it was available at sephora.  it’s actually beautiful!!  it’s such a natural flush of color with a hint of shimmer, and the plummy tones really work well with my cool toned, fair skin.  win!

first aid beauty ultra repair hydrating serum // with the changing of the seasons, my skin has gone back to it’s pretty dry self and i miss the summer sheen/glow/grease that i usually have a layer of.  i have been reading up on serums and can’t seem to find anything that fits my skincare needs, until this!  it has hyaluronic acid and anti-aging peptides, as well as other repairing ingredients like oatmeal and aloe leaf (these ingredients are standard in first aid beauty’s ultra repair products).  i’ve used it a few times at night only, and maybe it’s a placebo effect but i think i’m seeing some nice hydrating benefits and it works nicely with my mario badescu rosehip oil.  again, i’ll let you know how this performs over time!

bobbi brown bronzer brush // i have wanted this brush absolutely forever.  it’s such a high price point that i made myself swear i would only buy it if i could find it on sale.  sooooo!  i am apparently always on the hunt for the perfect bronzer/powder brush and i keep purchasing them but am never satisfied (or i like them for a little while and then change my mind).  would you guys like a brush review?  anyways, i love this brush and i think that it’s exactly what i’ve been searching for.  it’s not as densely packed as others (i’m looking at you bare minerals blender brush) so it applies the perfect amount of bronzer and blends it out so naturally.  i know the reviews on this aren’t the best, and while it does shed a little bit, i’m putting that on the fact that it’s new and hasn’t been washed yet (oops).  we’ll see!

ulta // IMG_4370.jpgtoo faced better than sex mascara // i have resisted purchasing this for so long.  it just looks so scary if i’m honest!  but i thought i would splurge on it since the sale was happening.  i’m sooo glad that i did!  when applied the way i apply mascara, it actually appears pretty subtle and natural, but with the amazing volume that i have been missing in my more natural looking mascaras.  i haven’t experienced too much flaking or smudging as some people mention in reviews, only at the very very end of the day when i’m about to take my makeup off anyways.

too faced hangover primer travel size // i’ve been wanting to try this primer for a while but didn’t want to commit to buying the whole tube.  when i saw this travel size version at ulta i knew it was exactly what i was waiting for!  and now i’m wondering why i didn’t buy the whole thing.  i’ve used this every day since purchasing it and i can’t tell you how amazing it is.  i wear very little makeup, so i never really noticed if it has faded or not during the day, but this stuff makes my makeup last from morning to night and now i can see the difference.  my blush, my bronzer is all staying put and i look as fresh as i did when i woke up in the morning.  it adds that little bit of extra glow and moisture to my skin that i’m dreaming of.  plus it doesn’t have silicone in it, so that’s a big plus from me as it doesn’t feel like it’s clogging my pores or filling my skin.

did you do any purchases during the sale?  let me know so i don’t feel so bad!

//  my images, please credit if taking.


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