the real real pt.3

part three: the lips. all matte, all the time.IMG_4402.jpgIMG_4405 (2).jpgwhen i just need a little moisture, i have to use the weleda lip balm.  it’s my absolute favorite lip balm as it’s unscented and unflavored, clear, slightly matte, and on the waxy side.  it sinks in quickly but also coats the lips, so it’s not like it completely disappears a few minutes after you apply it.  i have handful of these in different pockets and purses, so it’s always exciting when i come across one!

if i’m feeling something nude, i either use the milk makeup lip color in c.r.e.a.m. or the milk makeup lip pigment in swear by.  c.r.e.a.m. is a beautiful rosey-nude shade that is extremely similar to my natural lip color but with a little more oomph.  i blot this on and it lasts for quite some time, while fading very evenly and naturally.  swear by is more peachy-nude, which i don’t usually like, but this shade seems to be an exception.  plus i like that i can just blot it in with my finger.  the texture is sooo cool, almost marshmallow-y, and turns into a powder almost immediately so it’s super matte but not super drying.

if i want something a little darker and a little more grungy (when do i not?!), nars velvet matte lip pencil in bahama is my go to.  it’s a pinky brown that looks so good, again, blotted on and i even like mixing it with the c.r.e.a.m.  it’s dark but not too dark by any means, and somehow it is similar to my lip color again, so it’s super natural but with a little extra.  these matte pencils are my all time favorite lip formula and i have a ton, but this one leads the pack.

so now that you know what’s usually on my face, tell me what’s on yours?! my images, please credit if taking.


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