be the contradiction.

it is right to be a contradiction.  to have the loftiest of goals and the furthest of pipe dreams.  we are not made to live inside a pigeon hole, to only like certain things and never stray from our upbringing or what is expected of us.  it is ok to like white walls with mismatched rugs even though you were raised in a dark home with french antiques.  we are living, walking, breathing collections of everything we have ever seen, everyone we have ever known, every land we have ever traveled.

i will not be brought down by the expectations of others.  i will not be flouted by what you think of me.  i will continue to be me, and free, and happy, and dreaming.  i will do what i want today and change my mind tomorrow.  you will not take any part of me, because you don’t deserve it.  and if you did, you wouldn’t judge or lie or challenge.  you would support my soul in any shape it decides to fly.

so this is goodbye to you, and hello to me.


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