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beginning in 2015, whole foods has annually released a special edition makeup bag filled with full size and deluxe sample size products.  and this year’s bag has arrived!  i spotted mine at whole foods a few days ago, and the official arrival date of the bags was march 24th.  i was going to wait to review the bag after i had tried everything, but i decided to it now so you all can get the bags if you are interested.  did i mention it cost only $18 for 11 products, including 4 full size items and a handmade makeup bag?  maybe i should have given you that information first.  feel free to run to whole foods and then come back to the rest of this post.bb whole foods hello beauty 1.jpglet me just say, i am so impressed with the contents of this year’s bag.  this is my first one so i can’t speak to previous editions, but i’m confident they have all been equally as amazing.  the amount of products you receive, the gorgeous makeup bag, and all for under $20?  insane.  bb whole foods hello beauty 2.jpgthe bag //

so let’s get to the goods!  to start, the piece&co makeup bag itself is handmade by artisans in india, featuring organic cotton and using traditional weaving, tasseling, and indigo-printing techniques.  piece&co provides employment for women in need.  the bag is super soft indigo with a gold and white tassel and a navy, gold, and silver interior. bb whole foods hello beauty 3.jpgthe skincare //

the first full size product i tried is the acure pore clarifying red clay mask, 1.7 oz., $15.  this mask is exactly what i didn’t know i needed.  it has both exfoliating and hydrating properties, revealing toned and glowing skin.  put on a thin layer for 15 minutes or until dry, then add water and watch the magic happen!  exfoliating granuals are revealed, followed by a beautiful foam, and can then be rinsed completely clean.  it’s gentle but action-packed, to say the least.  plus the color is a stunning red rust that i’m in love with.

the second full size product is product is the evanhealy wild carrot nourishing eye balm, .5 oz, $20.  i haven’t tried this yet because i am already using an eye cream, but i have seen this at whole foods before and have been very interested in it.  evanhealy is one of my favorite brands, so i guarantee we will all love this.  featuring cocoa butter, sunflower, avocado, rosehip, and coconut oils, this balm is perfect for smoothing and protecting the eyes.

next up is the andalou naturals apricot probiotic cleansing milk, 1.7 oz.  this shit smells incredible.  like…i just want to smell it all day.  just fruity, energizing goodness.  i actually have been wanting a super hydrating, more milky cleanser for my dry winter skin so you can imagine how thrilled i am with this.  it is indeed milky and conditioning, but also cleansing and brightening.  i wouldn’t use this by itself if i had sunscreen and makeup on, but paired with a makeup remover i think it will be perfect.

one of the smaller samples is the weleda soothing facial lotion, .23 oz.  it sounds like a pretty basic, restorative moisturizer but is packed with yummy ingredients and based on sweet almond oil.

the moisturizer that has really blown me away is the derma-e hydrating night cream with hyaluronic acid, .5 oz.  i absolutely love this for both day and night.  it is thick, but not too thick to be worn under makeup or alone during the day.  i really feel like this penetrates my skin and assists the other moisturizing/hydrating products that i use.  it is packed with great ingredients including antioxidants, vitamin c, vitamin e, and of course hyaluronic acid.  i am definitely going to pick up a full size of this, and perhaps the day cream as well.

another exfoliating item included is the juice beauty green apple peel sensitive, .26 oz.  i must say i’m a little nervous about this item because i’m really not a peel girl, but i’m intrigued by the inclusion of “sensitive” in the title.  this is an aha-based exfoliant that boasts more even skin tone and texture as well as nourishment and hydration.  we shall see!

something i am extremely excited to try is the dr. haushka facial toner, 1 oz.  i haven’t tried anything from this brand yet as it is really quite pricey, so i’m excited to get a sneaky, and very generous, sample here.  this toner is both balancing and hydrating, with toning and brightening properties.  it has a very short list of ingredients and is actually in a spray bottle (glass!) that i really appreciate.  i look forward to trying this out.

the last skincare item is a sample of the trilogy coq10 booster oil, .17 oil.  you all know that i like trilogy a lot, so i’m excited to try this.  this oil is moisturizing, nourishing, recharging, and revitalizing, with a ton of amazing ingredients packed in.  it is also for anti-aging, featuring collagen boosting effects and protection against free radical damage.  bb whole foods hello beauty 4.jpgthe beauty //

the third full size item is the mineral fusion volumizing mascara in jet (black), .57 oz., $16.  i won’t be trying this for a little while since i am currently using up a brown mascara and a black mascara, but i look forward to trying out another eco mascara option!  this seems like a pretty basic mascara wand, not too big, not too small.  it is supposed to be very gentle and doesn’t clump, flake, or smudge.

the fourth full size item is the pacifica devocean lipstick in tenderness (nude pink), .07 oz., $10.  this lipstick is almost more of a matte balm that i would compare to the glossier generation g lipsticks.  it’s hydrating and creamy, but also matte which i love.  the color is a beautiful nudey, rosey, pink aka the dream, and it’s just really nice to have around or in your bag.  total love.

the last item is another bag essential; the whole foods market dry skin hand cream in peony, mint, and blackberry, 1 oz.  i haven’t tried this particular scent, but i have tried this hand lotion before and it is great for dry hands.  ingredients include argan oil and shea butter (actually it is 20% shea butter), so you know it’s going to be soothing and moisturizing.

so that’s everything that’s in the bag.  i mean, can you believe this thing is priced at $18??  for those 4 full size items alone, this would be over $60.  bb whole foods hello beauty 5.jpgall images are my own, please credit if taking.

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5 thoughts on “hello, beauty”

    1. it’s so nice and smells incredible! i can’t wait to buy the full size. do you recommend any of their other products? i don’t know anything about this brand but i love it so far! xo


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