the natural deodorant duo

i have tried my fair share of natural deodorants, from that ridiculous crystal (does that work for anyone?) to tom’s.  i was starting to think that natural deodorants just wouldn’t work for me when i started reading more about deodorant deo picks.jpgto start off, i should preface this by saying i’m not a huge armpit sweater.  to give you way too much information, i tend to sweat in my face before my pits.  yes, it is as unfortunate as it sounds.  so truthfully i couldn’t figure out why natural deodorants weren’t working for me.  but here’s what changed:

  1. i actually listened to that whole “armpit detox” thing // for a week before using my deodorants (or the 5-7 days that it took for me to get them in the mail) i didn’t use any deodorants and i exfoliated my armpits.  this consisted of concentrated washing in the shower with my dr. bronner’s bar soap – they recommend 30 seconds of concentrated washing to get rid of bacteria, etc. just for every day.  so i did that while also using a soft washcloth for actual exfoliation.  after the shower i made sure to really dry my armpits.  not only did i just feel good, but i felt like this prevented me from smelling for most of the day.
  2. baking soda free // most natural deodorants, especially those in pot form, contain baking soda.  while it is a great deodorizing ingredient, as we know from using it in our refrigerators, it is also extremely harsh on the sensitive skin of our underarms.  it can cause many people to break out in rashes or just suffer severe sensitivity, so i decided to forgo this ingredient.  my pick for my pot deodorant is the meow meow tweet baking soda free deodorant in lavender.  i feel that using a pot deodorant is really the way to go when going naturally, as you are taking the time to massage it into your underarms and the ingredients are not being transformed into a hard stick.
  3. add a roll-on for extra coverage // for days when i feel i need extra protection, i will also add a roll-on deodorant on top of my cream.  i think this has made all the difference in natural deodorants for me.  i had heard a ton about the ursa major deodorant stick, so when i decided to give natural deodorants another try this was immediately what i chose.  it’s minty and cooling and really quite effective.  if i’m not layering this, i will also wear it alone for days when i’m running late or just can’t be bothered with rubbing my armpits for 2 minutes.
  4. get used to the sweat // one of the strangest but best parts about natural deodorants is that they are not antiperspirants.  meaning, you are still going to sweat.  it’s difficult to get used to for sure, but i actually like it.  i like knowing that my body is functioning as it should – that my sweat and bacteria is leaving my body as opposed to being collected in my breasts.  gross, but true.  really i got used to this super fast and i don’t find that i smell anymore.  i mean, i’m still gonna smell after a long workout or whatever, but my natural smell is no longer as bad as when i was using antiperspirant.

so there you go!  it really is possible to convert from antiperspirants to natural deodorants.  it takes time, but i personally think it is completely worth it.  i’m looking forward to trying out other brands when i finish these two products up, but i highly recommend both of them.  plus they smell amazing when worn together!  xo.

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